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The Caravan Group chain of restaurants is synonymous with art

Proof of this statement can be found in the fact that 100,000 guests speaking more than 70 languages have visited the restaurants.

Each unique in style, interior and culinary delights, all of the company's restaurants share one similar quality - an effort to promote the identity of common cultures and traditions.

We offer excellent quality food that complies with International food standards (ISO) meeting the demands of our customers.
We promote the quality and safety of food in all our restaurants. All ingredients are used at the peak of their freshness and quality. All dishes that are cooked at our restaurants preserve original flavor.
Meals cooked in our traditional Uzbek cuisine restaurants are not much oily, not too spicy, or sour, and meet taste requirements of all our guests by exceeding their expectations.
We are very conscious of the importance of hygiene and customer service.

With nearly 19 years of experience CARAVAN GROUP’steam of professionals in various fields, such as restaurant business, catering and confectionary, management and marketing, HR andlegal advisory, audit and finance, music video and photography, creative design and architecture,and etc.,create successful brands and develop effective business projects.

The Caravan Group family is distinguished by its sincere devotion in all that it does.

However long a journey may appear,
Te lively smile will never disappear.
Along the cities of far distant lands,
Our little lives are worldwide Caravans

And through the night sky’s cloudy veil,
Foretellers of good fortune and travail
Star constellations ring the bells as one
And turn into the Heaven’s Caravan.

Tough our fate can’t be foreseen,
Te route of Caravan is clean.
It’s on the land and also in the sea,
It’s everywhere as you can clearly see.

Be welcome to enjoy the warm reality
Of Caravan Group’s famous hospitality!

                                          Alexander Feinberg